Privacy Policy relating to NexusPay

The GroupNexus privacy and other policies found on and applicable to the website (referred to as “Website”) explain how and for what purposes we use the information collected about you, also apply  to the Smart Phone application(s) for the time being known as NexusPay (referred to as “App(s)”) so please carefully read this policy and those on the Website. By using the App(s). any services we offer via the Website or App(s), you agree to be bound by these policies in respect of the information collected about you via the Website or App(s).


  1. We will collect the following personal information required to register and book a transaction through the App(s):(a) Phone Number

(b) Vehicle Details

(c) Your email address in certain circumstances

(d) Billing information such as your credit card number and expiry date.


  1. We will not request data that is not relevant to your transaction through the App(s) and will only use information obtained from you to:

(a) Administer your parking transaction; and

(b) Make the information available to integrated enforcement systems to ensure that you will not receive a parking ticket if you have a valid transaction for the time and date.


  1. We do not send your information to third parties for marketing purposes.


  1. If you opt-in, we can send you service update messages such as

(a) Location closures

(b) Location updates.


  1. In order to complete your transaction, the App(s) will be required to take (and you agree to give) your credit or debit card details and your CVV/CVV2 on the basis that:


(a)        This data is processed by our Payment Services Provider in a PCI Compliant


(b). No credit card data is stored on our servers;

(c). We have the facility to charge your account automatically and you need to sign up for this prior to use;

(d). In some circumstances our Payment Services Provider will request more details prior

to allowing completion of payment via 3D Secure in a PCI compliant manner and you agree to provide such details;


  1. Other than as set in this Policy we will not disclose any of your personal information without your permission unless we are required by law to do so (for example, if required to do so by a court order or for the purposes of prevention of fraud or other crime).
  2. Cookies we use for the purpose of the App(s) are:

(a). AWSALB – Elastic Load Balancing creates this cookie, that is used to map the

session to the instance

(b). ccp_session – Allows a user to be recognised within the Website

(c)  csrf_cookie_name – Cookie used to prevent cross-site scripting attacks

(d). _utma – Used by Google Analytics

(e). _utmz -Used by Google Analytics

(f). _ga – Used by Google Analytics

(g). _gid – Used by Google Analytics

(h). _gat_gtag – Used by Google Analytics



Terms & Conditions

NexusPay Terms and Conditions


  1. Terms

1.1. The following terms and conditions (“Terms”) apply to all use of the to the Smart Phone application(s) for the time being known as NexusPay (referred to as “App(s)”) By registering with us or using the App(s), you agree to be bound by them, so please read them carefully before going any further. Future payment options via Internet services will require registration.

1.2. We are constantly seeking to improve our services and these Terms are subject to change from time to time and you agree to be bound by any changes, which shall be advised to you by publication here and/or on the Website, and shall take effect immediately. If you do not agree with the changes, you must cease use of the App(s). These Terms were last updated on 13th January 2021.

1.3. The App(s) provides a method of remote payment for parking services using credit or debit cards only. It is not a contract for parking services. Your contract for parking is still made with the provider of parking services at the location at which you are parking (the “Parking Site”), as advised to you there. The App(s) is only available at certain locations and we do not guarantee its availability at any location.

1.4. For any queries you have regarding the service or the parking services please look for contact details on the signs on the Parking Site..


  1. Payment and Charges

2.1. By using the App(s), you authorise us to debit your chosen payment card to pay for the parking you have requested at the Parking Site.

2.2. Payment for the parking duration requested at the Parking Site will be taken directly from the payment card you have opted to use.

2.3. The amount of the payment taken will be for the appropriate parking charge displayed at the Parking Site together with (if you apply for it) the current convenience fee in force at the Parking Site and if you have opted to receive one, the cost of an SMS reminder. The convenience fee is to cover the provision of the APP(s) and/or the IVR system and the service support desk.

2.4. The total charge paid will appear on your card or bank statement with the description <“NexusPay ” + (transaction reference) + (date of transaction)>.

2.5. Information on the relevant parking tariff and NexusPay convenience fee is displayed at each parking site/location covered by the service.

2.6. Calls to the IVR will be charged at local rate, charges from mobile networks may vary. SMS messages will be charged at your standard network rate.

2.7. If a payment request is declined by your card issuer or bank you must pay for your parking via an alternative payment card or via another method offered at the Parking Site. NexusPay accepts all major credit cards. A full list of these are available via the FAQs section in the App.

2.8. It is your responsibility to ensure that your purchase has been successful and confirmed. This will be communicated, depending on circumstance, by the App(s), SMS or during the IVR call. Confirmation is deemed the point at which you have been advised (as above) when your parking will expire. You may be advised during the process that your payment has been taken but you must understand that your parking is not confirmed until we have advised you the expiry time of your parking.


  1. Registration

3.1. The App(s) operates in a highly secure environment, employs security safeguards and conforms to rigorous financial security standards in order to ensure the integrity of the service and the safety of your details. As a registered user your details will be available only for the

purpose of the provision of services by or through the App(s) and, if you have opted-in to the update service, then for updates provided by the App(s). No other use is permitted or allowed.

3.2. You may review and edit your registered details by visiting the Website and following the instructions there. Details of your parking via the App(s) will also be available for review together with the option to print VAT receipts. In addition you will be able to opt-in to the reminder service and, should you wish, close your account.

3.3. On accessing your details via the Website you will be issued with a password which will be sent only to the mobile phone you have registered with the App(s) (the “Password”). You may change your Password by accessing the relevant facility within the Website. You agree to keep your Password and the associated mobile phone safe and secure and not to share, provide or otherwise communicate this information to another individual for any purpose.

3.4. You will be responsible for all use of your details held by the App(s) authorised or unauthorised. If you have any reason to suspect that unauthorised use of these details, including the payment card details, has been made you should inform us immediately by contacting us initially via the Contact Us form on the Website and we will call you back. If you have reported your payment card as stolen to the card issuer then the usual safeguards provided by applicable laws in the country concerned will apply. We may choose to suspend your account. You should take appropriate action to amend your details to reflect any change in payment card details before attempting to use the App(s) again.

3.5. If you believe there is a security risk to Your Account, you must let us know by contacting us without delay. If you believe your mobile phone has been stolen or misused you should inform us as above as soon as possible in order to limit any further use of the phone in connection with your registered details and in order to restrict any financial implications you may suffer as a result. We cannot be held in any way responsible for any implications associated with the use of or communications with your registered mobile phone in these circumstances.

3.6. We reserve the right to refuse to register you and/or to suspend and/or terminate your Account if we believe that you have or may breach these Terms or if required by law to do so and we shall not be obliged to provide you with any reasons for so doing. We may further suspend your account if we suspect unauthorised use or abuse.


  1. Availability of the Service

4.1. The App(s) is only available at selected Parking Locations. You should refer to the signs on a Parking Site to determine if the App(s) is available at that site.

4.2. You confirm that we shall not be liable to you or any third party for any modification to, suspension of or discontinuance of the App(s) or all/any of the services provided by or through them and/or the Website. We make no warranties or representations with respect to the App(s) and/or the services provided by or through the App(s) or the Website other than as expressly set out in these Terms. We make no warranty or representation that the App(s) and/or any services will be uninterrupted or error free and we shall not be liable in any way to you for the consequences of any interruptions or errors.

4.3. We do not guarantee continuous uninterrupted operation of the App(s) in connection with any or all locations covered by the App(s). You accept and agree that this is the case and interruptions may occur for technical or other reasons which are beyond our control. We will use all commercially reasonable endeavors to restore any affected services as soon as reasonably possible.


  1. Security Policy

5.1. We take the security of all your personal details very seriously. Our systems are rigorously tested and have been developed with encryption software and secure socket layer technology. All banking details and transactions are also protected by firewalls with a view to ensuring the security of all personal information and your complete peace of mind. Use of your payment card data complies with the Payment Card Industry Security Standards Council Data Security Standard (PCI DSS).

5.2. You agree that you will not do anything which results in any misuse or abuse of the App(s), including without limitation attempting to gain unauthorised access to the Website, or any part of our systems; or knowingly introduce any virus, worm or other malicious or technically harmful material.

5.3. We make every effort to ensure the information on the Website is always correct to the best of our belief. However, we will not be liable for the accuracy of such information, although we will use reasonable efforts to correct any mistakes as soon as we become aware of them.

5.4. You confirm to us that all information you provide us in connection with the App(s) will be correct and complete.


  1. Disputes

6.1. A Claim/dispute can only be made or raised within 12 weeks of the date of a payment and any and all claims and / or disputes must be made in writing (which may include email) to the car park operator.


  1. General

7.1. The copyrights, database rights and other intellectual property rights (“IPR”) of and comprising the App(s) and/or in the materials displayed on or via any of the App(s) (“Materials”) which expression includes text, data, graphics, photographs, videos, animation, images and audio visual content) is owned by or licensed to us. This IPR is protected by the laws of England and Wales, international treaties and all other applicable copyright and intellectual property laws. You agree to respect our IPR and those of third parties. You     agree that the Materials are for your personal use only. You shall not use, copy or modify any Materials or give or allow them to other people for commercial, investment or public purposes. Your use of the App(s) gives you no rights in or to the IPR in the Materials save as explicitly specified herein.

7.2. Our maximum liability to you for any claim arising in connection with the use of the App(s) shall be the cost of the parking product purchased. The App(s) provides a means of payment only, and you agree we shall not be liable to you for any loss or damage you may suffer arising from use of parking facilities at any Parking Site or location.

7.3. To the fullest extent permitted by applicable law you agree that we shall not be liable for any consequential, incidental or indirect loss or damages in contract, tort or otherwise, for any loss or damage whatsoever arising from or in any way connected with your use of the App(s), including, without limitation, damage for any loss in business projects, loss of profits, loss of privacy, consequences of your use that were beyond our reasonable control, or other consequential losses arising in contract, tort or otherwise from the use of or the inability to use the App(s).

7.4. Nothing in these Terms shall restrict our liability for:

7.4.1.   fraudulent misrepresentation;

7.4.2.   death or personal injury resulting from our negligence or that of our agents or officers; or

7.4.3.   your statutory rights (including a right to receive a reasonable standard of service).

7.5. You may not transfer your account or these Terms  (or your rights under them) to any other party without our prior agreement in writing. You agree that we may transfer these Terms (and our rights under them) and your account without your agreement.

7.6. These Terms constitute the entire agreement between you and us in relation to the App(s). If any provision of these Terms is or becomes illegal, void or invalid that shall not affect the legality and validity of the other provisions.

7.7. These Terms shall be governed by and construed in accordance with English Law and, subject to the Disputes section above, shall be subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the English courts.

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