End-of-Life (“EOL”) Policy


For purposes of this policy, the following definitions apply:

End of Life (EOL) A process that guides the final business operations associated with a Product, and associated services or maintenance life cycle. The end of life process consists of a series of technical and business milestones and activities that, once completed, make the product obsolete. Once obsolete, the Product is not sold, improved, maintained, or supported.
End of Supply date (EOS) The Product is no longer available for supply whether by sale, loan or otherwise by GroupNexus. The EOS date is documented in the EOL notification.
End of Life Notification Date The date when the End of Supply notification is communicated to the general public (including by publication on our website http://www.groupnexus.co.uk/ (or any replacement of it) .
Last Date of Support (LDOS) The last date on which support for the Product will be provided by GroupNexus under its maintenance obligations as identified in the contract. After this date, in the event of any failure of the Product, the Client will be provided with a quote for the new replacement product. Once purchased, the new replacement Product which is fully supported, will be covered within the maintenance provisions in the Contract.



Products reach the end of their product life cycle for a number of reasons. These reasons include market demands, technology innovation and development driving changes, or the products simply mature over time and are replaced by other Products with functionally richer technology.   We set out below our EOL Policy  to help customers manage EOL transitions and to migrate to alternative [GroupNexus] products, and technology and services.


GroupNexus’s End of Life Policy (“Policy”) applies to hardware, software and services, including maintenance agreements and combinations of any of the foregoing.

The purpose of this policy is to document the requirements for the End of Life (EOL) for  GroupNexus product, equipment, hardware, software and services (“Product”).

This Policy applies to EOL notifications made on or after 1st January 2021.

Policy (applicable only if you have an active maintenance contract for Product)

    • Notification of end of supply is typically six (6) months before EOS date. EOS date is the date on which GroupNexus will no longer sell, loan or otherwise supply or provide the specified Product.
    • From and after the EOL Notification Date GroupNexus will not enter maintenance agreements for a term that goes beyond LDOS. Maintenance agreements entered into before EOS date will not be renewed for a term beyond LDOS.
    • The following limited support will be available for the Product from EOS date:
      • Replacement parts for hardware will be available for the Product from EOS date until stock depleted. GroupNexus will not replenish stock from and after LDOS.


Signed: Elli Morris

Appointment: Director

Issue Date: 06/09/22 V1.1

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