NexusPark – a complete parking solution

NexusPark delivers a wide range of parking management, enforcement, security and technology solutions.

We believe in a complete car park management service that allows you to realise the full potential from your parking facilities. We don’t just offer a one size fits all solution. We work with you to provide the parking management you need, the right level of car park security and the facilities management that allow you and your business to get the most from your parking space.

Headline key features

We work with both the private and public sectors and are the trusted supplier to many large organisations as well as individual car park owners and operators. Today, we look after more than 1,200 sites across the UK, providing a wide range of parking services that includes:

  • Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR)
  • Parking Attendants
  • On-line permit management system
  • Live view pay terminals
  • Parking/payment app
  • Validation
  • Security and Alerting

NexusPark offers leading edge ANPR technology as part of its car park management and enforcement services.

Parking Attendants

NexusPark promotes positive prevention and our parking assistants are there to help, not just to enforce.

Pay Machines

NexusPark uses the latest car park payment technology to provide the best service to clients and motorists.

Enforcement/Payment Management

At NexusPark enforcement forms part of a parking management strategy.

Security and Alerting

We believe security is essential and car parks must be kept safe and secure, for both people and vehicles.


Our research and development team have now developed the validation software for tablets, reducing costs and maintenance.

Parking payment app

The NexusPay app is now available for download on both the Apple App Store and Google Play Store. It contains a host of unique features to make the driver experience simple and easy.

Other solutions

Providing the best in Facilities Management, tailored to your budget and site.

Using the feed from our ANPR cameras we can provide greater insight into customer behaviour.

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