Healthcare and the NHS

Healthcare and the NHS

Secure hospital Car Park Management with sensitivity to patients and relatives' needs

With over 25 years’ experience, we have the widest and most knowledge in the healthcare industry, and this isn’t by chance. We have an excellent track record in delivering high quality parking services to hospitals across the UK. We provide a mix of both parking expertise with the sensitive approach that is needed at hospital parking locations.

We're delighted to be an NHS SBS Framework approved supplier:
Lot 8: Car park management
Lot 9: Car park equipment and maintenance

Parking enforcement is needed to help manage the car parks and prevent abuse but not at the distress of patients or relatives. Therefore, we train our staff to encompass a range of skills suitable for working at our NHS hospital car parks, as well as providing security management and tailor-made CCTV and control centre systems. With the development of parking technology, the implementation of more advanced technology at our NHS sites means we can expect to see further enhanced security and safety for patients and visitors. We work with over 20 NHS Trusts at over 40 hospital sites.

We understand the importance of keeping vital roadways clear, so that emergency vehicles have immediate access when on call and the need to be aware that users of the car parks may have an emergency or be in a distressed state. Our unrivalled experience brings sector wide knowledge that allows us to advise on concessions, staff permit parking, green transport schemes and more.

The aim of our parking services is to help hospital car parks function in a more logical manner, with patient and relatives needs taken into consideration and helping the smooth running of vital services.

Our healthcare and the NHS solutions

NexusPark delivers parking management, enforcement, security and technology solutions.


Providing the best in Facilities Management, tailored to your budget and site.


Using the feed from our ANPR cameras we can provide greater insight into customer behaviour.


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