Parking Assistants

NexusPark promotes positive prevention as part of its car park management service. Our customer friendly parking assistants are there to help, not just to enforce. Trained to deliver the highest standards of service and to encompass our ethos of encouragement and positive prevention; identifying those who constantly re-offend, not punishing those who don’t.

We like to encourage people to stick to the rules and to pay when they need to so that we don't always need to enforce. Whilst the enforcement needs of each car park differ, our approach doesn’t. We agree a policy with Clients up front, which means that each site we manage has the enforcement levels that are suitable.

We use STEP (Staged Enforcement Policy). This policy was created to help us deal with a wide variety of enforcement issues. With STEP we can manage different levels of enforcement that are appropriate to each client and location.


NexusPark offers leading edge ANPR technology as part of its car park management and enforcement services.


Pay Machines

NexusPark uses the latest car park payment technology to provide the best service to clients and motorists.


Enforcement / Permit management

At NexusPark enforcement forms part of a parking management strategy.


Security and Alerting

We believe security is essential and car parks must be kept safe and secure, for both people and vehicles.


Other services

Providing the best in Facilities Management, tailored to your budget and site.

Using the feed from our ANPR cameras we can provide greater insight into customer behaviour.

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