Gain enhanced visibility and greater control of your portfolio, all in one place

Our powerful platform has been uniquely developed to provide you with game-changing insight into your customers, along with ease and convenience in the management of your estate and permits.

Full estate management control; Near real-time rich data & insights; Vehicles of Interest alerting; Streamlined permit management; Integrated customer messaging; Data available as standalone feed


Data, data, data – utilising the feed from our ANPR cameras we can tell our clients far more about their customers than they knew before. NexusInsights can provide a complete range of insight services that benefit your business. We get under the skin of each of our client’s sites enabling us to build a bespoke package and give real and valuable insights into how each facility is being used.

Customer Behaviour

We know that the success of our business is based on how well we understand our clients, and the same is true for our clients understanding their customers. Utilising ANPR technology, NexusInsights negates the need for ‘manual’ traffic surveys. A constant data stream delivers round the clock insights into your car park activity that can be delivered to you in real time, in several versatile reporting options.

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Real Time Dashboard & Self-Serve Reporting

Our live portal allows a detailed view of what is happening in your car parks right now. Real-time occupancy, dwell times and peak hours are standard – enhanced services include vehicle details, allowing targeted messaging and live income reporting.

Our dashboard allows you to determine what you see live when you log-on, what reports you want to see, and the ability to choose which you would like emailed to you on a regular basis.

Messaging / Rewards

Linking ANPR to enable messages to be sent when a vehicle arrives in the car park is a great way to promote offers and encourage loyalty and connect with your customers. Our systems can send text or email messages once the customer has agreed.

Our Fairer Parking Scheme is another way to connect with a potential customer – taking the sting out of receiving a PCN. Motorists who receive a PCN for the first time can get something back by way of an offer. Our Fairer Parking Scheme PCNs have an entirely new, sympathetic ‘tone of voice’, focusing on and understanding their feeling of having made a mistake.

Security Alerting

Our Alerting System is built around our ANPR system allowing VOI (vehicles of interest) to be added to a list if, for example, they are suspected of a crime – an email alert, with a picture of the vehicle, is sent to anyone who has been entered onto the list to receive the alert – configurable by site/sites or by estate.

Other solutions

NexusPark delivers parking management, enforcement, security and technology solutions.

Providing the best in Facilities Management, tailored to your budget and site.