Environmental policy

CP Plus is trading as GroupNexus which encompasses Ranger Services & Highview Parking. Forming this Group has allowed all parties to work in partnership to enabling growth, create jobs and help improve the lives of local residents and local communities through charitable donations and working with local communities.

With over 350 employees across over 350 sites the Group recognises that its activities have wide ranging and interconnected impacts on the economy, environment and society. In order for GroupNexus to realise these commitments, sustainability is driven by the Board and Group’s Senior Management Team, through our clear policies & procedures which are reviewed annually at the senior management review meetings.

The company is committed to contributing to a more sustainable society and to continually improve the positive impacts we make by:

• ensuring compliance with all relevant legislation and standards, and the expectations of our customers and other key stakeholders
• ensuring our systems and procedures prevent/reduce pollution, and minimise resource consumption through clear environmental objectives which allows us to understand the environmental impact of past, current and future operations
• continuously seeking to improve environmental performance, prevent pollution, emissions and waste
• reduce the use of raw materials, energy and supplies through effective design, promote and maximise the use of goods and services from renewable and recycled resources
• maintain accreditation to ISI 9001 Quality Management & ISO 14001 Environmental Management and make year on year improvements
• ensuring the company raise awareness, encourage participation and train our employees in environmental awareness & associated matters. Also encourage our suppliers to support our/similar sustainability commitments and expect similar environmental commitments ensuring we continually review how we can make improvements to our sustainability performance through internal & external audits.
• ensuring we invest in our employees, through proactive training & development, ensuring their health and wellbeing and our reward and recognition programmes, encourage and enable all employees to meaningfully contribute to the Groups success.
• ensuring ongoing Group commitment to equality, diversity & equal opportunities
• evidence the Groups commitment through measuring our impact through Health, Safety, Environmental and Quality performance data, employee engagement surveys, customer satisfaction feedback and our financial performance.
• assist customers to use products and services in an environmentally sensitive way
• liaise with the local community and participate in discussions about environmental issues

Our environmental policy, targets and results will be reviewed each year by the Main Board, Senior Executives and Managers, recognising the contribution and responsibility of each and every employee, along with the policies, practices and behaviours of all stakeholders in the business.

The Company is totally committed applying good professional practice and high standard of performance throughout its organisation and comply with ISO14001: 2015 Environmental Management Requirements, (and all associated legislation and codes of practice). It will at all times ensure that its own systems comply with all the requirement of that standard to ensure we meet our customers expectations.

The company operates a system that regularly evaluates its processes and customer needs, and has set quantifiable objectives with plans in place to ensure that they are reviewed year on year for improvement.

Signed: Ian Langdon
Appointment: Operations Director
Issue Date: 23/01/20