Environmental policy

We believe in sustainable growth; it is responsible, what our  customers want and makes good business sense. If we take decisions or act in ways  that are unsustainable, then we will harm the business and the world we all live in. If we fail to minimise our environmental impact, then we will be inefficient and increase our costs. 

We will therefore:

  • comply with the requirements of environmental legislation and other requirements, and approved codes of best practice
  • assess and understand the environmental impact of past, current andfutureoperations, continuously seeking to  improve environmental performance, prevent pollution, emissions and waste
  • promote and maximise the separation and recycling of waste
  • reduce the use of raw materials, energy and supplies
  • through effective design, promote and maximise the use of goods and services from renewable and recycled resources
  • raise awareness, encourage participation and train employees in environmental matters
  • expect similar environmental standards from all suppliers andcontractors
  • assist customers to use products and services i  an environmentallysensitive way
  • liaise with the local community and participate in discussions aboutenvironmental issues

Our environmental policy, targets and results will be reviewed each year by the Main Board, Senior Executives and  Managers, recognising the contribution and responsibility of each and every employee, along with the policies, practices and behaviours of all stakeholders in the business.

As well as the policy abbove CP Plus Ltd will at all times achieve the highest level of environmental control.

It will also ensure that it adheres to its own Environmental Management Systems, Process Controls and Procedures and strive to improve them continuously.

The Company is committed to applying Good Professional Practice throughout its organisation and to fulfilling a high standard of performance and the expectations of its customers.

All staff must familiarise themselves and regularly up date themselves on the Company’s standards of environmental management, and are required to take a positive attitude to minimising the company impact on the environment

The Company is totally committed to comply with BS EN ISO14001: 2015 Environmental Management Systems – Requirements, (and all associated legislation and codes of practice,) and will at all times ensure that its own systems comply with all the requirement of that standard.

The company operates a system that regularly evaluates its processes and customer needs, and has set quantifiable objectives with plans in place to ensure that they are reviewed year on year for improvement.

The company is committed to continually improving the effectiveness of the environmental management systems, and to prevent pollution within the company working environment, and to the wider external environment.

Signed Ian Langdon (Director Operations)

Issue Date    01/10/16

Version 3.0