Gender pay gap

CP Plus has a negative pay gap which means that at a whole company level both the mean and median pay rates for women are higher than for men.  The results also show that women are more likely to be in the upper quartile of pay rates. Since last year we have seen the gap decrease which we are pleased with and will continue to review.

CP Plus operational roles attract more men than women whilst head office and administrative roles attract more women.  This explains the results seen.

We are pleased that within roles in the company the rates are equivalent between men and women. However we do also see that as the roles become more senior there is a shift towards higher rates for men.  We are actively addressing this by introducing a gender balanced senior management team to help govern the group.

 As a result of this study we will address the  gender imbalance at the lower quartiles by actively  trying to attract women to apply for these jobs.

  • Mean gender pay gap  -11%
  • Median gender pay gap  -6%
  • Mean bonus gender pay gap 8%
  • Median bonus gender pay gap  -650%
  • Proportion of males & females receiving a bonus payment 13% M .  13% F

 Proportion of males and females in each pay quartile

  • Upper  77% M and 23% F
  • Upper Middle  88% M and 12% F
  • Lower Middle  96% M and 4% F
  • Lower  89% M and 11% F

Tamsin Rickeard