Retention Schedule Parking Charge Process

Document Statutory Retention Period (SRP) Statutory Retention Source Recommended Retention Period Comments
PCN Data,  Including specific Vehicle Data, Registered Keeper/Person Liable Data,  incoming correspondence and outbound Fulfilment (including but not limited to Representations, Appeals, Statutory Declarations, Enquiries and Complaints, call recordings and PCN payment details relating to individual PCN) Minimum 2 Years BPA & DVLA 6 Years Best Practice
PCN Data – Unpaid 6 years BPA & DVLA Minimum 2 years Best Practice
VRM Data 2 Years BPA & DVLA 2 years For the purposes of the BPA / DVLA audit
Statutory Declarations scanned correspondence image, Representation & Appeals scanned correspondence image 2 Years BPA & DVLA Minimum 2 years Best Practice
Image of capture event – Contraventions 6 Years BPA & DVLA SRP If closed the images will only be kept for two years.
VoSI Images and associated audit Data 26 weeks BPA & DVLA SRP
General customer correspondence 2 years BPA & DVLA SRP
Debt Collection Un specified BPA & DVLA SRP Passed to debt collection agency PCN remains live and open until such times as it has been paid
ANPR 26 weeks images BPA & DVLA SRP
SAR’s 1 Year N/A SRP Best Practice
Permit Data 2 Years BPA & DVLA SRP


Operations Director, CP PLus Limited (T/A GroupNexus): Ian Langdon

Director, Ranger Services Limited: Elli Morris

Date: May ’21 V3