Surveillance Camera Commissioner’s Code of Practice

12th April 2017: CP Plus became the first car parking management company in England and Wales to have successfully completed the Surveillance Camera Code (SCC) Self-Assessment. This qualification is part of a continued drive by CP Plus to raise the quality of service across the industry.

The SCC sets out 12 guiding principles identified by the Home Office and Surveillance Camera Commissioner, which strikes a balance between protecting the public and upholding civil liberties. The principles provide a coherent and comprehensive structure that aims to reassure the public that surveillance cameras are used to protect and support communities rather than spy on them.

As the first parking management company in England and wales to have completed the SCC Self-assessment, CP Plus is affirming its ability and commitment to raise the levels of transparency and customer service in the industry, as well as driving continuous improvements to its services and internal processes.

Further demonstrating this commitment, in July 2021 the Group achieved full certification to the Surveillance Camera Commissioner (ANPR).

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